New Castle, DE {Delaware Family Photographer}

It was overcast, cloudy and windy. The air was crisp and the leaves were falling from the trees above. A perfect day for a fall photo shoot… until you add in toddler boys with a mind of their own. The S brothers were not ready to have their pictures taken, so what do we do?! WE PLAY! That’s right, we played all over the town, checking out old buildings, searching for critters and bugs, having a leaf battle… I even came home with leaves still stuck in my hair!

Having been an elementary school teacher and a daycare provider, grumpy toddlers are no match for me and the day turned out to be fun for all of us. Sometimes it’s nice to just engage in the fun and you never know what images I might capture along the way. This session documents the playful side of the S family and it turned out to be a wonderful session!  (Grumpy boys? I don’t see any grumpy boys!) 🙂


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